Parking Consultation Fee

$149.00 “Unbiased” Parking Consultation Fee

Parking Consultation FeeWhat do we mean when we say “unbiased” parking consultation? Our parking consultants will never try to use any manipulative business tactics to “sell” you any product or service. For a one-time $149.00 parking consultation fee, your business will receive up to 90 minutes of our professional and informative “Parking Analysis”. This analysis will address the logistics of your parking lot in an effort to target your parking management needs.

Upon the completion of this analysis, our parking consultant will share the results with you, and discuss which service options you may benefit from. Should you want to further discuss your service options after our initial consultation, we will be able to offer you reduced consultation rates. Should your parking goals require a market survey of your neighborhood, we can perform our “Market Scouting Report” within a half-mile radius of your business for an additional fee.

We also offer special discount pricing for multiple venue surveys. This is most popular with our property management clients. If you are a property management company and would like to inquire on our “group pricing”, please contact us online and one of our parking consultants will be in touch with you. You may also call us at 818-662-8700.

What makes The Parking Group different from other parking consultation companies is our company’s business practice to not sell a client any ideas, products, or services. We will not try to refer any vendors. Our approach is actually very straightforward. The Parking Group will look out for our client’s best interests. We will recommend the most cost-effective yet efficient approach to address the client’s parking management needs and educate them on the legalities of such decisions. We understand that our clients have options when choosing a reputable parking consultant. With that in mind, The Parking Group strives to earn a client’s trust as their parking consultant “partner” of choice – for now and the future!